About OBVC

Operation Black Vote Canada (OBVC) was established in 2004 as a non-profit, multi-partisan organization that supports the election of Black people to public office. We do this by educating, motivating and advocating for Black Canadians to participate in Canada’s government, agencies, boards, commissions, civil service and political processes at all levels. Unique among other traditional organizations that recruit candidates, our goal is to provide information to expand the community of Black men and women considering public office and encourage civic engagement in the Black community.

OBVC does not endorse candidates or advocate for one political party over another; we assist emerging Black professionals interested in a political career.

OBVC monitors issues that impact the Black Canadian community and play a leading role in recommending solutions to the community and government.

What We Do

OBVC activities include training, workshops and events that promote the election of Black Canadians by:

  • Working with all political parties to increase the nominations of Black Canadians candidates in winnable ridings.
  • Encouraging the appointment of Black Canadians to the municipal, federal and provincial civil service.
  • Connecting with young Black Canadians to inspire and engage them in politics and the political process.
  • Organizing training, summits and information sessions about the political process.
  • Raising awareness about the impact of under-representation within the Black Canadian community and political parties.
  • Celebrating Black Canadians in politics.
  • Building coalitions and partnerships with groups who share similar ideals.
  • Communicating and implementing OOBVC’s goals and activities through innovative programs, major events, our website, media releases, and social media.
  • Monitoring issues affecting the community’s political participation and making recommendations to both the community and government
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