Our Initiatives

Below are some of the initiatives we work on to meet our mission.

Leadership Training & Education

The Boot Camp is broken into a course like structure.  The courses help you develop practical skills and give context for what matters most.

The Boot Camp will help you:

  • Navigate Through the Nomination Process

  • Fund Raise

  • Volunteer Training

  • Provide Information On How To Build a Successful Election Campaign

Youth Engagement

Each day, nearly 10,000 young people turn 18 – and we want to make sure they know how to  get informed about the political process.


That’s why OBVC will be initiating a Youth Elections Guide; A fun and engaging high school civic education program.


By participating in this program, students will learn about the elections process, and the power young people have in our democracy.

The Guide will offer information relevant to young people who may be considering public service as a career – or volunteering for a political party.

Gender Diversity in Canadian Politics

While many women have made gains in the politics by being elected, Black women have not been so fortunate.


Women are over 50% of Canada’s population and currently comprise less than 30% of the elected official in Canada. 18% are mayors, 29% are in provincial legislatures and 26% are in the House of Commons.


Polling data indicates that women, and in particularly Black women, care about issues differently and as such it is important for them to be represented at the decision making tables.


The United Nations says that being at the decision-making table is essential to the empowerment of women, noting a critical mass of 30% is needed for legislatures to create public policy representing the concerns of Black women.


As more Black women are considering running for political office all over Canada, we need to ensure that their voices are heard and that they are prepared to run a successful campaign and elected to political office.

This is why we have our annual Black Women’s Political Summit to provide dialogue, training and support for their political endeavours. To learn more about our annual summit, training, and how to get involved, sign up for our mailing list and check our site regularly.

Two people sitting at a voter education table.

Voter Education

“Voter turnout has steadily declined in Canada over the past two decades at all levels of government. Those who don’t vote in the first few elections when they are eligible to exercise their democratic franchise are less likely to become voters later in life. With overall turnout at record low levels and youth turnout between 34% and 39%, the compounding effects of declining youth turnout will likely have lasting impacts”.


“At this rate, Canada may soon find itself in a situation where less than half of eligible electors bother to cast ballots.   This poses serious challenges to the integrity of our democratic system in the long-term”. (Election Canada)


We aim to demystify the voting process by providing information on the voting process in new and innovative ways.