Saskatchwan Municipal Election 2020 (Resort Villages)

Saskatchwan Municipal Election 2020 (Resort Villages)

Election Date: 25 Jul 2020
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
    This election has ended

    Overview of Saskatchewan Municipal Elections

    The Canadian Constitution delegates responsibilities for municipalities to the provinces and territories.  Municipal elections are held to elect Mayors, Councillor and School Board Trustees.

    In the New Brunswick, there are 14 recognized municipal governments.

    Who Can Vote

    You can vote in a New Brunswick municipal election if you are:

      • 18 years of age or older, and
      • a Canadian citizen, and
      • • has been or will have been ordinarily resident in the Province for a period of at least 40 days immediately before the election; and
      • • will be living in the municipality, school district, or health region on Election Day


    Who Can Run

    You can run as a Candidate in a Northwest Territory municipal election if you are:

    • 18 years of age or older, and
    • a Canadian citizen, and
    • a resident of the province and the municipality for at least 6 months before election day; and
    • In a municipality that is divided into wards for election purposes, a person is not qualified to be nominated as a candidate for councillor for a ward unless he is a resident of that ward when he is nominated.

    People Who Cannot Be Candidates:  A municipal official or a full-time employee of a municipality cannot be a candidate in that municipality or community. A judge, an election officer, or a person who has been disqualified for municipal office under federal, provincial, or municipal election laws, may not be a candidate anywhere.

    People Who May Not Be Able To Be Candidates:  Some public sector employees are restricted from engaging in political activity, even at a local level, or may need prior approval from their employer before filing nomination papers. If you work in the federal or provincial public service, check with your employer before filing nomination papers. It is the responsibility of a candidate to obtain any approval required by his or her employer; the Municipal Returning Officer will not require or confirm such approval in processing nomination papers.

    Federal Public Service Employees (this information is provided by the Public Service Commission of Canada):

    How to Vote

    There are a variety of ways to vote in a Municipal election in New Brunswick.  Electors can vote in the municipal ward in which they reside.  Voting can be done at assigned polling stations and City Halls or by mail.  Voters must present valid ID to prove identity and residency to vote.



    There are no registered black candidates in this election yet.  Be the first to put your name forward!  Check the provincial Election Authority website to find out how to become a candidate.

    Don’t see your name in the Candidates list?

    If you are running as a candidate in this election and you are not included in the list above, please submit your candidate information to us and we will add you to the list.

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