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Too many racialized voices missing from political decision making

By Rosshane Vignarajah, Opinions by Moe Ladha, Velma Morgan, Jaskaran Singh Sandhu | Published by The Star | Published On Mon., May 7, 2018

Decisions are made by those who show up, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that barriers for showing up are removed.

We are a coalition of community animators who find ourselves asking the fundamental question all too often — why is civic engagement not accessible to everyone?

This week, we released a special video as part of a larger “Get Out The Full Vote” (GOTFV) campaign ahead of this year’s provincial and municipal elections in Ontario. Our campaign, called #WeVote, will complement the work members of our coalition have been engaged in already, such as The Canadian-Muslim Vote’s “2018 GOTV” campaign, Operation Black Vote Canada’s recent Black Community Provincial Leaders Debate, the World Sikh Organization’s advocacy training through the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute, and the Tamils in Public Service’s ongoing focus on advocating for women of colour in politics and government.

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