Operation Black Vote Canada Calls on Party Leaders to Increase Community Representation in Upcoming Elections

In a letter issued to leaders of all federal and provincial political parties, Operation Black Vote Canada (OBVC) is calling for the implementation of strategies to increase the meaningful participation of Black candidates in upcoming elections across the country.

“As leaders, the responsibility for setting the tone, priorities, and direction of the campaign their party will run ultimately rests with them,” said Velma Morgan, OBVC Chair. “This influence comes with both the opportunity and the obligation to ensure that the team of candidates they present to voters reflects the diversity of the communities they seek to serve.”

With a federal election potentially around the corner, and with scheduled elections in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia in the next 12-18 months, OBVC’s letter calls for a commitment to the following principles aimed at sending more Black Canadians to legislatures across the country:

  1. Work with local electoral district associations to situate Black candidates in ridings with past records of success, or “winnable” ridings.
  2. Ensure that Black nomination candidates have equal access to lists, information, and data to further their campaigns.
  3. Ensure that nominated Black candidates receive the full support and backing of the party structure throughout the election cycle, including: fundraising support, leader engagement, and access to all relevant lists and data to increase chances for success.