Statement from Operation Black Vote Canada on Challenges to Annamie Paul’s Leadership

Operation Black Vote Canada is disappointed and dismayed to learn that the Green Party of Canada has launched “a process that could remove Annamie Paul from leadership.”

As the first Black Canadian to ever lead a major political party, the election of Ms. Paul represented a step forward in the mission to diversify our politics, and have more Canadians represented in the institutions that represent them. Today’s developments represent a step backward in that endeavour.

Trailblazing journeys are never easy, and breaking barriers always comes at a cost. However, the experience that Ms. Paul has had to date is inexcusable, and is unlike the experiences of her federal counterparts or predecessor in the Green Party of Canada.

Operation Black Vote Canada will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds, and offers Leader Paul our unequivocal support as she continues to use her platform to be the change we want to see.