Operation Black Vote Canada’s letter to the Prime Minister Regarding Cabinet

Operation Black Vote Canada (OBVC) would once again like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his election success, and for being afforded the opportunity to appoint a cabinet that reflects the priorities of hardworking Canadians across the country.

The Prime Minister has demonstrated a keen focus on the importance of cabinet representation. In this regard, he understands that actions speak louder than words — and his actions, particularly on gender equality, speak volumes.

While we applaud his efforts to date, we feel strongly that there are broader principles of equality that ought to be reflected around Canada’s lead decision-making table.

We now have eight elected Black MPs, with six being Liberals, as such we have written to the Prime Minister to encourage him to increase the number of Black representatives in cabinet.

Regional, language and gender representation are of critical importance to creating a government that all Canadians can be a part of — and within which all Canadians see themselves reflected. We urge the Prime Minister and his office to extend this same level of importance to racial representation as it pertains to Black Canadian communities.

We have also asked the Prime Minister and the other leaders to increase the number of Black political staff in their office and support appointments of Black Canadians in the government as a whole.